Motor City Casino Buffet Hours and Things to Do

motor city casino buffet hours

Motor City Casino Buffet Hours and Things to Do

The Motor City Casino Buffet is a great place to visit if you want to take in all of the top entertainment options in one location. The many great dining options, amazing music, and even some good gambling can all be found at the Casino. If you’re in the market for a nice place to relax after the action of the day, this may be a great place to visit!

If you’re looking for a place to watch sporting events, then the Motor City Casino Buffet is a great place to visit. You’ll find a lot of great things to see and do at the Casino in addition to a lot of fun entertainment. When you visit this venue, you’ll likely get a chance to watch some great football or basketball games on their large television screen and the casino’s newest entertainment experience is their new party stage.

There are other places that you can look to get quality entertainment at, but nothing else quite compares to the big screen at the Casino. In addition to these two great features, the casino also has some great entertainment for the whole family. For your entertainment needs, the casino has even more great activities to do like the Kids Zone and the Lion’s Den.

With so much fun to be had on the weekends, it only makes sense that the evenings should be filled with even more real fun. You may even want to consider going out for dinner with your friends or your significant other. The Motor City Casino Buffet can accommodate large groups.

While the food and drinks are great, it’s the music that makes this place such a great place to be. From rock to classic country, the Motor City Casino Buffet has something for everyone to enjoy.

Once you’ve been to the Casino Buffet, it’s important to check out some of the venues that they have right next door to it. Some of the best places to see music in the Detroit area are the White Rock Bar and Grill and the Cat’s Cradle. These venues are just as popular as the casino itself, so there’s no reason not to check them out if you like the idea of getting a taste of this part of the area.

Although there are plenty of other great attractions in the Motor City, the Motor City Casino Buffet is a great place to visit during the fall and winter months. During the cold months, it’s the perfect place to stay cool with some nice ice cream or hot chocolate.